Austria – Sweden: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev on MFM-2021

For the quiet life of the hosts of the World Cup, the Austrian national team was thrown under the tank. Moreover, unlike the heroes of the war, known and unknown, she was not given not only a grenade, but even a rusty penknife: she must stop tanks with her bare hands. It is clear that the owners of any hockey tournaments are always given a certain indulgence, but this time the indulgence for the ancestors turned out to be an overkill: besides Canada, there is still more or less decent Finland in Group A. And as many as three teams that will play one clown for three. In group B, there are no options, and, let me remind you, four tanks are going to the youth national team of Austria, with their bare hands, and one of them, an American, has already moved the Austrians without letting them meow. Now the Swedes will crush what is left of the Austrian national team and they will crush, do not doubt it at all.

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The Swedes did not leave a living place from the Czechs, and the Czechs, whatever they are, are still Czechs, they are still a hockey nation, and those guys who came to Edmonton know how to play. But even that didn’t save them. For the Austrians, everything is much more complicated, for them if one of the youth gets into the NHL draft once every five years, then immediately after that it gets into the folk epic. That is, in fact, we have a confrontation between teams not even from different weight categories, but rather from different sports. For example, biathlete and fencer. In winter. On the piste. It is there that the fencer will have about the same chances as the Austrians in the match with the Swedes.

That is, the poor and unrequited Austrians will be rolled under the asphalt for the second time in a row, of course, in regular time and with the advantage of at least five washers. And then the IIHF will say that it’s right.

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